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The red and black elephant
By Lucas, Age 4

"Once upon a time there was an elephant who was black and red. He lived in a house in the jungle. He did not like it because he was on his own. One day along came a sheep who found a climbing frame so he asked elephant to play. They became best friends and enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles together."

The Forest Friends

By Florence, Age 7

"Once there was a little girl called Katie. One day she went to the forest with her friends, Piper, Cooper, her little sister Martha and her dog, Willow. The forest was their favourite place to play. Katie packed her backpack with water, snacks and a little dog treat for Willow. The friends decided to go to their favourite den but when they got there it had been destroyed! They looked at the pile of sticks and were sad. Katie said ‘don’t worry, we will build another one!’

leaf illustration by dasha davidyuk official property of the knapsack club
acorn illustration by dasha davidyuk official property of the knapsack club.

They all started to collect sticks and together they built a magnificent new den. ‘Wow, this is better than the last one’ said Martha. All the friends were proud of their new den. They sat inside and ate a biscuit and an apple and Willow had her dog biscuit. It was time to go home. The friends walked home together and said goodbye. Katie was happy, she had had a wonderful day at the forest. That night Katie dreamt of more adventures in the forest and hoped she could do it again tomorrow."

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